Arteson - Mountain and bivouac dual flying

37.4 m2, A.R. 4.7 the Arteson is optimised for mountain type usage. Its unbelievably low weight (5.85 kg) and compactness will enable you to consider all kind of tandem flying; trekking, travelling or mountaineering.

Nil wind inflation is outstanding; the slightest breath of air is enough to bring it above the head. Its reduced aspect ratio makes it easy to control the wing in all conditions. Strong wind, side wind, it makes light work of the elements to enable the easiest take off possible. It offers excellent lifting and flare characteristics without compromising the high level of passive safety to carry passengers in serenity. It is very nice to fly, and under the total flying weight of 160 kg its performance allows cross country flights.

The wing structure (V-ribs) and our experience in mountain gliders ensure that the wing will age very well. The innovative spreader-risers knotted in Dyneema are very light and resistant offering all the functionalities expected on a tandem (split-a, trims).

Weight: 5.85 kg with sheathed lines, trimmed risers and soft spreaders.

Accessories & Options
The Arteson is delivered with a protective under-bag, a small repair kit and a carry bag.

When ordering, please specify the carry bag and the options. We suggest : -
Sac Montagne 75 Litres / Bivouac 110 Litres / Site 150 Litres / Bi 180 Litres
• Option : Classic trimmed risers and soft spreaders + 350 gms at no additional cost.