Technical Info

Technical Characteristics & Performance
Model 41
Area (m²) 40.8
Aspect ratio 4.9
Take Off weight (kg) 110-220
Optimal useful weight (kg) 180
Performance for best in flight weight measured around 1000 m altitude
Arms up speed (± 2 km/h) 40
Maximum speed (± 2 km/h) 50
Weight of the full wing, risers with 4 branches and suspenders (kg) 7.55

Construction Materials


The risers and the separators are made from polyester 25 mm straps.
We have multiplied the trimmers, produced with efficient and hard wearing ANCRA 25 mm hooks, for less stress and more precision.

Suspension Lines

The TOUBKAL is equipped with suspension lines chosen to combine dimensional stability, fluidity and durability.
Dyneema sheathed at the top, aramid wrapped on lower lines A and B.
Dyneema pre-stretched and wrapped on the lower back lines.

The Wing

The wing has a diagonal ribs system that allows excellent bearing of the non shrouded profiles while keeping the lowest possible weight of the canopy. The construction quality is signature Nervures: double seams, inside hems, trailing edge gallon...

We've selected the best "Porcher Sport" fabrics and have chosen a variety to ensure optimum lightness without compromising durability:
  • top wing leading edge in Skytex 9092 E 85 A (45 g DWR)
  • load-bearing walls Skytex E38 9092 A (45 g classic) which is a very stable fabric on the bias,
  • diagonal walls, intermediate walls and jambs are Skytex 9017 E 68 A (36g).
Nervures are experts in implementing a set of fabrics to provide an extremely light wing without conceding sustainability in normal flight conditions.