Spantik - Progression and Fun

The Spantik is the result of over a year of design and development : an original wing, easy to use, efficient, lightweight and compact.

This wing is aimed at a wide range of pilots - from the intermediate pilot looking to improve his skills in safety, to the most experienced pilots looking for a simple but high performance wing which will allow him to fly cross-country, hike or bivouac or even just have fun doing waggas.

Its low weight and good compactness is because of widely proven as a reliable material - PORCHER Skytex (38.32 and 27 g / m²).

In zero or light wind, the wing rises with lightness and stabilizes easily without tendency to overshoot; with stronger wind, the Spantik needs only a little control from the pilot when arriving above the head.

The brake travel is important and provides access to a wide variety of flight regimes. The response is precise and effective in the first 30-40 centimeters. It accepts slow flight easily. The flare is generous and predictable.

The speed system is identical to that of DIAMIR. Without significantly degrading the glide ratio, it provides good stability and good resistance to turbulence. The ball bearing blocks provide flexibility for active control in longer transitions.

Accessories & Options
The Spantik comes in a sub- protective bag, along with our lightweight dual accelerator bar mounted on two aluminum Charly split fangs, flight manual, a small repair kit and a carrying bag .

When ordering, specify the rucksack required - Mountain Bag 90 Litres / Bivouac 110 Litres / 150 Litres (By Default)

The Spantik is equipped with strap elevators, on request it can be equipped with Dyneema elevators knotted (weight : 200g ) . A Dyneema wrapped top line is also offered at no extra charge (1.1 mm instead of 0.8) to give more confidence to all those intending aggressive take-offs.