Technical Info

Technical Characteristics & Performance
Model XS S M L
Area (m²) 20.4 23.2 25.5 28
Span (m) 9.8 10.6 11.1 11.6
Aspect ratio 4.8 4.8 4.8 4.8
Take Off weight (kg) 55-75 60-80 70-95 90-120
Optimum weight (kg) 60 70 85 105
Performance for best in flight weight measured around 1000 m altitude
Maximum Speed with accelerator (± 2 km/h) 48 48 48 48
Maximum Speed hands up (±2km/h) 38 38 38 38
Minimum Speed (stall) (± 2 km/h) 22 22 22 22
Weight Aloha, incl. risers (kg) (accélérateur) 3.5 3.95 4.5
Weight Aloha, incl light risers (kg) (trims) 3.3 3.75 4.3
Weight Aloha classique, incl strap risers (kg) 4.0 4.3 4.8 5.3


EN 926-2 2006, Category A. (size M & L) Category B (size XS & S).

Weight Advice

We advise you fly in the middle of the range, however, the wing's performance remains intact at the top of the range.



15mm high quality risers designed for minimum weight and maximum stability.

The brake handles of the Aloha have received special attention in terms of design and material. The handles are ergonomic, particularly comfortable in flight while remaining extremely light.

The Aloha comes with "halyard" Dyneema straps, connected to the lines by small and solid "têtes d'alouettes", marrying strength and lightness. You should know that in this configuration the replacement of a line will require the full removal of the riser. The option of the more standard straps risers is available, but it increases the weight of the wing by 225 grams (risers plus links).

The Lines

The lower lines are made in Dyneema (200 daN rang A et 150 daN B) and in Aramide Technora (130 daN rang C et D)..


The canopy features the Nervures V system which enables better handling of the shape in area with fewer lines, while keeping the weight down. The diagonal cell walls facilitate the repartition of charge on the wing.

The quality of the assembly work is signed by Nervures for zero compromise on your safety. We have selected the best Porcher Sport fabrics and we combine several qualities to get the optimal lightness and ageing characteristics.:
  • Leading Edge: Skytex 45 g water repellent for lasting low porosity properties,
  • Main ribs: Skytex 45 g classic for a very low bias elongation,
  • Rear part of tops, bottoms, intemediate and X ribs : skytex 27 for the light version or standard 40g for the Aloha Classique,
We retain the full control of the material used in the manufacturing of all our wings in order provide a light canopy that does not compromise on the safety and longevity of the wing.