We have developed a complete range of accessories to help you in your adventures. Our range of harnesses is very specialised. Each model follows the specifications of a particular type of activity:

Nervures Expe Harness is the perfect partner for the high-altitude addicts or the quick ascent trekker-pilot. It is minimalist but is comfortable enough to fly for several hours.

Nervures Bivouac Harness is the lightest harness on the market with a seat board. It offers all the functionalities expected by the bivouac flyers. It will also suit free flying pilots looking for a comfortable, functional and light weight harness.

Nervures Airtrek Harness is a reversible airbag to rucksack harness with seat board. This concept - bag, airbag, harness - allows a very light and compact package.

Carry Bags
When ordering your Nervures Paraglider you have 5 different bags to choose from: from the Ultra Light 55 L flash bag to the roomy 180 L through our new 110 L Bivouac bag with excellent carrying characteristics. You will find the bag that fits your needs in our range.

Brake Handles
The Faial and Kailash brake handles have been the subject of our careful attention. Their ergonomic design and level of comfort help make the wing a natural extension of your body. The risers are manufactured using specialised webbing which is pleasant to handle and of the highest quality.

Our reserves are ultra light and ultra compact. The PLUM S weighs less than a kilo. We have designed a specific front mounted container that makes it easy to handle the reserve. There are no inconveniences in front mounting the reserve. The container only weighs 135 grams bridles included.