Fusion Harness

The Fusion is the ideal harness for a paraglider who practices different forms of flying - mountain flying, cross country flying, bivouac and tandem flying, and who would like a harness that adapts to each practice without compromising its utility.

Base Element
The base element is the bare harness. It has an excellent weight to comfort ratio. In this configuration you can use it in sitting position leaving your legs independent. The harness is equipped with a small integrated foam back support, ensuring your comfort. All the settings can be changed during flight: leg support, waist band, depth, angulations and shoulders.
Weight: 1.07 kg

Plateau Harness
For those who wish to fly with a plateau harness, a carbon board can be placed under the seat in a dedicated compartment, and this transforms the harness into one where the legs are independent into a plateau harness, where your legs are supported.
Weight of the carbon board : 122 g

Lying Down Harness
Those who are adept at lying down or half down flying can add a foot rest. They can precisely adjust the different angles and tensions at crucial points to adapt the harness to their size. In this configuration the harness can be used with or without the plateau, giving a different sensation. The presence of the plateau affects the transmission and the reactivity of the wing to command. It's for you to decide depending on your piloting style.
Weight of the foot rest : 130 g

Reversible Pack with Integrated Airbag
The harness can be equipped with a reversible airbag-pack. This zips completely onto the back of the harness and so the hold of the integrated airbag is excellent. The bag is a decent size and holds a tandem wing with no problems. A foam back tunnel and a wide quilted waist belt guarantee the bag is comfortable to carry. The bag has a net pocket, a zip pocket on the waist band, a hold for walking poles and compression straps.
Weight of the airbag pack : 1.284 kg

Container for Bivouac Flying
Those adept at bivouac flying above all else are looking for lightweight material and excellent carrying comfort, even with a heavy load. They would generally not use a reversible airbag sack because the carrying comfort decreases over 20 kgs. Our 110L carry backpack is perfect for carrying heavy loads. We have added a gusset to the harness into which our 110L backpack can be placed. Cleverly the backpack improves the comfort of the harness, without adding any weight. The Bivouac Flying accessory consists of an ultra-light case with three compartments that zips entirely onto the harness. The compartments have enough space for all the bivouac equipment: heavy and smaller items underneath, and the light and larger items on top. The small central container is designed for valuable items that you need rapid access to. A pocket for your water bag and hold through which to pass the drinking tube allows you to rehydrate while flying. Weight of the Bivouac Container : 319 g

Reversible Airbag - Tandem
When tandem flying, your priority is to protect the passenger. An integrated airbag is not particularly efficient, especially when you fly with flexible spacers (the pilot flies with the airbag not full). Foam is heavy and impractical. Our crotch airbag zips entirely onto the harness and offers an excellent hold. If you are trek flying the upper reversible small pocket allows the passenger to carry his harness and a some bits and pieces (lunch, water, helmet, clothes). This accessory is the lightest tandem passenger harness with protection on the market. Weight of crotch airbag : 950g