Faial Motor

Faial Motor - Long Raids
The Faïal paramotor addresses itself to trained and autonomous practitioners. It is a wing that is lively and manoeuvrable, with good speed and load carrying capacity. The excellent compromise between high speed and low power consumption was obtained by adopting a semi-reflex profile that combines good aerodynamic performance with closure resistance either in accelerated flight or flight with released trims.

The Faïal paramotor is a light touch to pilot. It is specifically tailored for long distance raids, and this model, which is widely distributed and appreciated in the flying community, is the preferred choice for those practicing a mix of free and motorised flying.

The Faïal easily associates efficiency with pleasure. The special paramotor double buckle risers have trims, along with a foot controlled accelerator (between the two accelerators the pilot can adapt to both flight practices and to all phases of the flight). A special branch allows for "big ears", which reopen automatically.

Faïal is a manoeuvrable and high performing wing, allowing for dynamic evolution in flight. Its gives its pilot access to a wide programme of pleasure flights and raids.

The Faïal Paramotor comes equipped with a protective under bag, a small repair kit and a 150L carry bag.