The TOUBKAL – the new tandem wing from Nervures was developed to respond to the requirements of both amateur and professional tandem flyers.

The major preoccupations underwriting our conceptual and fine tuning work were to produce a tandem wing delivering a high level of serenity in all conditions, and one that is also agreeable to pilot.

Serenity when you inflate with almost instantaneous inflation, and rapid wing elevation within a couple of steps. Serenity in rigorous conditions thanks to a high level of passive security. Agreeable to pilot with a precise and soft command that relegates to the past the sensation of pulling your shoulders out when you turn into the thermal! Peace of mind at landing with an especially good round off.

The TOUBKAL stands out particularly when thermal conditions are well established. Its rotation radius and piloting effort are comparable to those of a handy solo: aiming for a powerful lift while placing the tandem within a millimeter of where you want it is an exhilarating feeling. There is no tendency to be ejected from the pump, and the wing naturally re-launches itself within the thermal. When you add to this the feeling of serenity given by the TOUBKAL, it is a real pleasure for the pilot, as well as the passenger.

The manipulation of the trimmer is easy and gives you access to a wide range of speeds. The maximum speed of the TOUBKAL allows it to easily penetrate the valley breeze. The risers have a specific branch for the "ears", which reopen automatically.

The surface of the TOUBKAL is 41m2, allowing it to cover the needs of most tandem pilots. It is certified for 110-220 kgs.

The TOUBKAL has been built specifically to age well, even with intensive use. We have no doubt it will be an excellent companion for your tandem flights, and for many years to come.

Accessories & Options
The TOUBKAL is delivered with a small under-protection bag, a small repair kit and a carry bag.
When ordering, please specify the carry bag : we recommend the Bi 180 Litres