Estive - Learning and Easy Flying
The simple inflation, lift off and initial flight set up, allow the beginner to concentrate on managing all other parts of the operation: control gestures, gas management, sequencing and the flight path.

The damping capacity of the "Estive" in turbulent conditions makes it extremely reassuring. Its excellent response to fliers commands makes it natural and instinctive to pilot, allowing the student to concentrate on managing their flight plan (reading the wind, being vigilant about how the space around you is evolving, and mastering the approach to landing). Thanks to the facility offered by "Estive" the student can quickly reach a level of autonomy and begin to enjoy their flying.

Once the pilot has acquired the basic techniques they will enjoy the absolute stability of Estive, which offers real security in turbulent conditions. With its excellent arms up speed Estive allows you to plan a raid among friends, simply and securely.

Estive has double buckle trim risers and a specific "big ears" riser branch, which open again independently.

With more than 3000 wings sold in different variations, "Estive" has become a paramotor reference, whose success is undeniable.

"Estive" is delivered with a protective under bag, a small repair kit and a 150 L carry bag.