Diamir - Accessible Performance

When moving from the Kailash to its replacement, Diamir, one will notice the ease with which the wing lifts and inflates, allowing take off in all conditions. Next is its agility in the thermal, and finally, access a new level of mobility in the air due to the efficiency with which the wing handles transitions in variable wind conditions.

At take off the wing inflates and takes shape immediately. In no wind conditions, elevation is regular with a moderate pilot input. In a breeze, the inflation is spontaneous and delaying action is required up to take off.

Once in flight, the Diamir responds directly to commands in the upper part of the brake range with a highly coordinated turn that can either be tightened with a roll effect (steep turn) or a yaw effect (slow flat turn). The relaunch with the outside control is efficient, and the precise turn allows re-centering intuitively, especially as the feedback from the wing about the aerology is easy to interpret.

While it is in transition that the Diamir provides its most exceptional sensations, the progress made in the glide ratio and efficiency when facing the wind is notable, and it is this that really opens up new horizons for the pilot.

The Diamir tolerates slow speed for top landing or landing in tight terrain. The brake effort is progressive on a wide path. Stalling is preceded by clear signs (waddling, beginning of horse shoe).

The folding and carrying features of the wing are light and compact.

All these features make the Diamir the perfect cross country wing for ambitious pilots at their home sites or in the mountains after a beautiful climb.

Accessories & Options
Diamir is delivered with a protective under bag, ultra-light double bar accelerator, the wing manual, a small repair kit and a carry bag.
While ordering, please specify the carry bag - Sac Montagne 75 Litres / Bivouac 110 Litres / Site 150 Litres (By Default) / Bi 180 Litres.
The Diamir is equipped with normal risers - it could be equipped with Dyneema risers (- 200 g).