Harness Nervures Bivouac

The Harness Nervures Bivouac has been developed in partnership with Pierre Bouilloux. It is designed to suit bivy flying perfectly. It provides numerous storage possibilities. The volume of the pockets has been dimensioned to give enough room for all the bivy equipment. The way the pockets are split provides an easy access, but most of all allows you to keep some of the equipment in the harness during the walks. All this makes take-off preparation a lot faster.
Everything has been thought to save weight: type of material, carbon seat, innovative buckle system etc. However the Harness Nervures Bivouac still provides of the functionality expected by the pilots on the move: side pockets, back pocket for water storage with pass-though for drinking tube, etc.
The Harness Nervures Bivouac will also suit the site pilot looking for a light, comfortable and functional harness with a seat board.

1,280 grammes en taille M
1,320 grammes en taille L

Option: 3 parts bump'air back protection to fit in the pocket.