The Aloha is the proud descendant of the mighty Kenya. Designed & developed for cross country, mountain flying and long distance flying in remote areas, Aloha provides excellent flight satisfaction under a light wing that is safe and easy to maneuver. Excellent performance is also attained during high altitude flights.

The Aloha behaves well in difficult take off conditions. The "no effort" inflation facilitates temporisation and provides better control in remote and demanding take off situations. In flight the Aloha turns on command, easily and spontaneously.

The excellent roll control enables smooth flying in turbulent conditions. In addition to a low sink rate and an excellent glide, the wing will fly quite fast "arms up". The accelerator increases the speed by 10 KMs / Hr for a fully exploitable maximum speed.

The Aloha also slows down easily and behaves well at low speed, providing good descent capacity for landing in demanding and narrow situations. There is plenty of command room before stalling and the recovery is rapid and gentle.

Aloha Classique

The Classique version of Aloha is for site practice and for schools or associations that have intensive use.