Container for Nervures security parachute

Specifically developed for the PLUM security chute, the Nervures PLUM container was conceived to facilitate the manipulation of the rescue. With it, you can choose the mode of attachment of your security chute -

Mode 1 : the Plum risers are fixed inside the container so as to allow the output of a loop on each side, ensuring the connection to the links. It only takes an instant to take the container off or put it back on.

Mode 2 : the risers, surrounded by the protective sleeve, are getting out of the container on one side and join the upper anchor points specifically designed for the security chute.

Thanks to our ultra-light and compact container carrying your security chute on the waist band is no longer a challenge. In security terms the handle is ideally placed directly in front of the pilot and accessible with either hand.
Only one size - Weight : 125 g (201 g with the risers).

Note : The container is sold with risers.