Technical Info

Technical Characteristics & Performance
Model XS S M L
Area (m²) 22.7 24.5 26.2 27.8
Span (m) 11.6 12.1 12.5 12.9
Projeted Span(m) 9.1 9.5 9.82 10.1
Aspect ratio (flat/projeted) 5.96/4.35
Max chord (m) 2.44 2.53 2.62 2.95
Overall length (m) 7.22 7.45 7.66
Total line length (m) 261 270 279
Take Off weight (kg) 60-80 70-90 80-100 90-115
Optimum weight (kg) 70 82 92 105
Performance for best in flight weight measured around 1000 m altitude
Max Speed with accelerator (± 2 km/h) 56 56 56
Maximum Speed hands up (±2km/h) 39 39 39
Minimum speed (stall) (± 2 km/h) 24 24 24
Weight including risers (kg) 4.2 4.35 4.5 4.6


EN 926-2 2006 in progress.

Weight Advices

We advise you fly in the upper part of the range.



The canopy keeps the V shaped inner surface with X ribs on the three lines rows. A nylon rod arch on the last row facilitates the repartition of charge in the profile rear part.
Lines attachment points with mylar reinforcements are inside the canopy to reduce drag. We made the choice of the nylon rods technology with an original system to fix the extremities flat on the rib (see picture). This device avoids strain concentrations, abrasion and hard points likely to cause problems with lines. This technique has been associated with an innovative cutting of junctions between leading edge, decoration and upper surface panels which makes them surprisingly sleek.
At the wing tip, a free last cell, blowing at the trailing edge, acts as a dump and determines the vortex which gives all its efficiency to the aspect ratio. A small reminder for the 25 th birthday of the Gypaaile Marboré which was already equipped with than kind of wing tip

The quality of the assembly work is signed by Nervures for zero compromise on your safety. We have selected the best Porcher Sport fabrics and we combine several qualities to get the optimal lightness and ageing characteristics :
  • leading edge and pattern : new Skytex 38 g universal water repellent,
  • rear part of top : Skytex 32 g évolution plus, water repellent,
  • main ribs and X ribs : Skytex 32 g hard finish,
  • bottom and intermediate ribs : Skytex 27 g.


The upper part of suspension lines is made of impregnated unsheathed Liros Dyneema DC 100.
The lower part uses pre-stretched Edelrid Dyneema finely sheathed which combines good dimensional stability and outstanding durability of rupture resistance. Geometric arrangements adopted and the choice of unsheathed Liros have reduced by over 30% the frontal section of the lines in comparison with a same size Kailash. The gain in drag is very significant which is reflected especially during accelerated transitions. For reasons of behavior consistency in time at low speeds, we have chosen to stay on 3.5 ranks at the center. This choice increases the length of suspension lines less than 6 m out of a total 270 m (size M). The overall drag is thereby increased by less than 0.4% which is negligible in relation to pitch stability improvement.


The risers are made with a 15mm light and stable strap.
The best hardware has been selected :
  • maillons rapides inox diamètre 3mm "Péguet",
  • ball bearing blocks for the accelerator,
  • accelerator halyard spliced with fangs "Charly",
  • lightweight ergonomic handles attached by magnets.
The Diamir could also be equipped with Dyneema halyard risers (- 200 g).