Technical Info

Technical Characteristics & Performance
Model 37
Area (m²) 37.4
Aspect ratio 4.70
Take Off weight (kg) 105-180
Optimal useful weight (kg) 160
Performance for best in flight weight measured around 1000 m altitude
Arms up speed (± 2 km/h) 38
Maximum speed (± 2 km/h) 45
Weight of the full wing (kg) 5.85


Approved by Aerotest according to EN



The risers and the separators are made with a very resistant and light halyard Dyneema, with every branch of the risers having a breaking resistance of 1200kg. For the separators the breaking resistance is 2300 kgs per branch.
If you choose risers-separators with standard flexible straps instead of the halyard Dyneema this increases the weight of the wing by 450g, including the connecting links.

Suspension Lines

Arteson is equipped with a novel suspension system resulting from the latest "Edelrid" research. The upper suspension is made with Dyneema that is pre-stretched when hot, and sheathed with a thin cover giving an excellent dimensional stability.

Canopy Structure

The wing canopy has a system of diagonal ribs that hold the non suspended profiles extremely well while maintaining a low weight for the wing. The assembly quality is pure Nervures: double stitched, inner seams, trailing edge gallons.
We have selected the best "Porcher Sport" fabric and we mix the quality in order to achieve optimal lightness without any concessions in regard to the longevity:
  • leading edge in water-repellant Skytex 40,
  • extrados in Skytex 27, a super light high technology fabric that we have developed with Porcher,
  • weight bearing ribs in Classic Skytex45, which is very stable on the bias,
  • diagonal and non weight bearing ribs in Skytex 27 to optimise the weight,
  • intrados also in Skytex 27.
We have mastered the art of mixing fabrics in order to achieve a very light wing without conceding their durability in normal flying conditions.