Technical Info

Technical Characteristics & Performance
Model 18 20 ultra
Area (m²) 18 20.4 20.4
Span (m) 9.2 9.8 9.8
Aspect ratio 4.75 4.75 4.75
Total Flying Weight (kg) 55-75 55-75 55-75
Approvals EN 926-2 C B
Extension test structure EN 926-1 (kg) 100 110 130
Performance for best in flight weight measured around 1000 m altitude
Max speed accelerator(± 2 km/h) 52 48 48
Max speed (±2km/h) 42 38 38
Weight halyard risers (kg) (untrimed + unsheathed) 2.55 2.85 2.75
Weight strap risers (kg)(accelerator + sheathed) 2.9 3.2 3.1
Weight strap risers (kg) (trimed + sheathed 3 3.3 3.2


The Lines

LoL and Ultra come equipped with the innovative new suspension lines from the latest research by Edelrid. The lower suspension is in Dyneema pre-stretched when hot which is wrapped in a thin sheath. The drag reduction is significant.

We propose the Ultra with unsheathed upper suspension and brakes. Sheathed upper suspension lines increases the weight of the Ultra by 100g.


The wing material has a system of diagonal ribs that give an excellent form for the non-suspended profiles while maintaining a low weight for the wing material. The assembly quality is all Nervures: double stitching, interior seams and a trailing edge ribbon.
We have selected the best "Porcher Sport" fabric and we mix the qualities for optimal lightness without conceding anything in longevity.


  • leading edge in water-repellant Skytex 40 ,
  • extrados in Skytex 27,
  • main and X ribs in Classic Skytex 45 - a fabric that is very stable on the bias,
  • intrados and intermediate ribs in Skytex 27.
We have mastered the implementation of mixing fabrics in order to achieve a lighter wing than is standard, and one which is also very durable and which ages well.


  • leading edge in double layered Skytex 27,
  • nylon rod stiffener instead of mylar,
  • extrados in Skytex 27,
  • main and X ribs in Skytex 35,
  • diagonal and non weight bearing ribs in Skytex 27 to optimise for weight,
  • intrados in Skytex 27.
With this range of fabric we have obtained an extremely light wing with an exceptionally compact fold.