Air Trek Nervures Harness

The Nervures Air Trek Harness is the ultimate hike and fly tool. In a matter of seconds the Air Trek will convert from a backpack into a full feature harness including seat board, back protection and reserve bridle connections. There are no compromises in safety. A normal size glider will fit into the 60 litter back compartment for hiking. And then the compartment becomes the airbag while flying. With a lightweight wing, there is enough space for overnight gear. If you are hiking to launch or travelling by airplane, the choice is yours. You can carry 25-30 kgs with a normal pack or 15-20 kgs with the Nervures Air Trek!

  • Carbon seat board
  • Integrated ruck sack
  • pre inflated Air bag
  • Reserve shoulder anchor points
  • speed system

M: 2.080 kg, pilot size 167-178 cm

L: 2.3 kg, pilot size 178-188 cm